Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter Driving Issues at the Office

Winter has begun as of last night here in the Motor City with icy rain, some snow, cold winds, and so forth. The beautiful and trendy Intern and I had an interesting conversation in the warmth of the office regarding her recent speeding ticket…

Noir: Please take this to the post office and pick up some stamps while you’re there?

Intern: Ok.

Noir: And be very careful while you’re out there driving, alright?

Intern: Alright. (tossing her long black hair over her shoulder dismissively)

Noir: I’m serious. Be very careful, ok? By the way, what happened with that last ticket you got?

Intern: Ohhhhh yeah! I forgot to tell you about it! So, like, I got the speeding ticket and instead of actually taking my license away they only leeeeeeengthened my probation period. And I had to pay a hundred an’ eighty dollars, you know. Like, how am I going to buy Christmas presents now? Anyways. So I’m ok. Which reminds me, I gotta call while I’m driving to the post office* and pay for that over the phone.

Noir: Um, no. Call while you’re in the parking lot, ok? Not while you’re driving.

Intern: Ok.

Noir: Promise me that you won’t call while you’re driving in the car.

Intern: (Laughing) I promise. **

* She actually said this.
** This is probably a total lie.