Sunday, February 13, 2005

Downtown Detroit

These are some pictures of buildings in downtown Detroit.

Boarded windows.

Apartments I think.

I met this guy, Aez, while snapping pictures. He was quite friendly - and a sharp dresser as you can see. He was very nice and seemed interested in what I was doing, but then again, everyone wants to talk to the girl with the camera. Check out the raised concrete "people mover" trolley track behind him.

Detail of a building.

Abandoned noir hotel on the outskirts.

A skyline picture.

A lot of these buildings are partially destroyed on the street level. Someone has taken a baseball bat to the store front windows - leaving fist size circles with broken glass spider webbing to the corners. Most of the entrances have been fenced off and there are snow drifts building up on the bricked in doors. Of course there is the obligatory graffiti too.

I took pictures of the above but after reviewing them they seemed less than interesting and mostly depressing, so I'm not posting them.


Blogger greyguitar said...

Incredible shots. I think that facades of buildings can really magnify a photo's personality. They appear to be so dominant.

And the raised concrete is very unusual. I'm still trying to figure out that one.

Of course, I was taking shots of bridges yesterday to pacify my whole infrastructure fetish.

1:18 AM  

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